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Ray Tehanetorens Fadden delivers a powerful and emotional message in this transcribed speech from the video “They Lied to You in School” by Luc Majno. From Native American contributions to today’s society in the form of food, technology and thought, to attitudes towards the environment, Tehanetorens makes the reader take a second look at where we came from and who we owe credit.

Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden) was a master storyteller in the Mohawk tradition and author of Legends of the Iroquois. During his lifelong career as a teacher, he has established youth groups at Akwesasne to promote native values and served as president of the Indian Defense League of North America. In 1954 he founded the Six Nations Indian Museum near Onchiota, NY, to serve as a cultural center for tribal people in the Six Nations region. The museum collection contains a number of pieces produced by Tehanetorens himself during his lifetime. Tehanetorens passed away in 2008 at the age of 98, and the museum continues to be operated by his family.

Six Nations Indian Museum

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