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First published in Toronto in 1912, “Flint and Feather” is a collection of the poetry of Emily Pauline Johnson (known also as Tekahionwake, “Double Life”). The child of a hereditary Mohawk chief and an English immigrant woman, Tekahionwake’s poetry reflects her indigenous heritage. In her own words:

“This collection of verse I have named “Flint and Feather” because of the association of ideas. Flint suggests the Red Man’s weapons of war; it is the arrow tip, the heart-quality of mine own people; let it therefore apply to those poems that touch upon Indian life and love. The lyrical verse herein is as a

“Skyward floating feather,
Sailing on summer air.”

And yet that feather may be the eagle plume that crests the head of a warrior chief; so both flint and feather bear the hallmark of my Mohawk blood.”

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