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Originally published in 1938.
The author Jesse J. Cornplanter, a descendent of the renowned 18th-century Iroquois League war chief Cornplanter (Gayentwahga), was a noted Seneca ritualist, craftsman, and artist from the Tonawanda Reservation. The book comprises a collection of letters written over a seven month period by Cornplanter to a white woman, Mrs. Walter A. Henricks, who became so fascinated by this flow of Iroquois legend, creation myth and other folklore that she convinced her friend to allow publication and to illustrate it. He was no stranger to the drawing board, having illustrated a number of Iroquois studies for the N.Y. State Museum early in the century. The resulting publication has been a favorite of readers – Iroquois and others – since it first appeared. Here then, is a book by an Iroquois about Iroquois folkways, which over many years, has earned a place on the shelf of those who have sought to learn from a man knowledgeable in his own culture.

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