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Hand-crafted decorative item. About 3.5 by 3.25 inches.

Living off what was available in their natural surroundings, the Haudenosaunee made clothing from woven natural fibers, hides from elk or deer, and furs from woodland animals like rabbits or bears. Even corn husks could me used to make moccasins. Every nation had some type of moccasin or foot covering. Mocassins were low, soft soled foot coverings made of tougher buckskins. Some had decorated flaps that were sewn on after the original construction was done making them easier to remove and add to new moccasins when the old ones wore out.  Because they were not always the most durable on hunting trips extra moccasins were often brought along. In the winter moccasins were often made of bear skins with the fur turned inside.

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