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Hand-crafted decorative item. Fill it with potpourri and hang it around your home, or from your rear-view mirror. Approx 3.25 by 6 inches.

Ribbon Shirts are Regalia items that are worn by Native American people of many tribes and traditions.  The shirts developed from European Trade Shirts that were usually made of cotton or linen fabric. Silk ribbons were another of the trade goods brought to North America by the Europeans. The bright colors of the ribbons made them very popular among Native Americans.  In the 1800s calico fabric became available and Native Americans also made clothing from that colorful patterned cloth.

Fabric shirts became standard wear for Native American men during the 1800s. Men’s shirts were decorated in the same fashion as previously worn buckskin shirts but with brooches, ribbons, and applique instead of paint, hair and ermine skins.  Alongside women’s fabric skirts and dresses, these clothing items became identified with Native Americans.

During the reservation period, when powwows were being organized as pan-Indian social events, the Native American Ribbon shirt was incorporated into Powwow Dance Regalia. The Ribbon Shirts were worn either belted with a sash or tucked into the waist of a breechcloth. Ribbons were attached at the shoulder, sleeve and cuffs of the shirts.


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