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Biological Name: Sanicula marilandica

Other Names: Sanicle, American sanicle, black sanicle, black snakeroot, wood sanicle, sanicle root, pool root, butterwort

American sanicle is a perennial plant found in rich woods from Newfoundland south to Georgia, and west to Alberta and Colorado. A fibrous rootstock produces a light- green, furrowed, hollow stern bearing a few sessile leaves or none at all. Most of the plant’s bluish-green, palmately lobed leaves are basal, growing on long petioles. Small umbels of white, greenish-white, or yellowish flowers bloom from May to July.

Parts Used: Rootstock, leaves

Medicinal Applications:
Astringent, expectorant, nervine, vulnerary, alterative, discutient, depurative

The astringent properties of sanicle root make it useful as a gargle for irritations and sores in the mouth and throat and also internally for ulcers, hemorrhage and excessive menstrual flow. The Powdered root has been popularly used against intermittent fever and chorea (St. Vitus’ dance).

Jethro Ross calls this herb “a cure-all”. It possesses powerful cleansing and healing properties

Infusion: Steep 1 tsp. Rootstock in water. Take 1 cup a day

Tincture: A dose is from 15 to 30 drops

Safety: No information available.

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