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So-called “Talking Trees” are culturally-modified trees which were used by the First Nations of the United States and Canada, to indicate pathways, water sources, and safe or sacred places; like “exit signs” on woodland highways. These hardwood trees were culturally-modified as saplings to grow into unique shapes as landscape markers by Woodland Native American cultures. The author has found more than 20 of these “living artifacts” in his native New York State. Using dendrochronology and cartography methods coupled with historical data, the author has found that several of these trees are truly old enough to be ancient “living artifacts”. Interspersed with his anthro-biological research are engaging stories from the author’s outdoor adventures; and spirit teachings taught by the trees to their adopted guardian, He-finds-trees.

Carl Andrew Koehler (also known as He-finds-trees) is an author and naturalist, historian and arborist originally from Upstate New York who follows the “Good Red Path” of the native Haudenosaunee. He travels throughout the east and midwest with his hiking companion, Elkhound-mix “Gyfa” exploring and studying natural, scenic, and historic areas.

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