Understanding Life . . . What My Ancestors Taught Me Through My Dreams



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“In Understanding Life . . . What My Ancestors Taught Me Through My Dreams, Wendy Hill shares her insights and wisdom about life and death and everything in between. She tells her story of growing up on a Native American reservation and the spiritual experiences that led her to become a traditional healer. In this book, she also discusses the universal understandings given to her through dreams from her ancestors, and she gives an intimate description of the relationship between the person and the spirit world.

“Many people struggle with feeling vulnerable and angry about life circumstances. Through the messages Wendy shares, a person’s mind is at peace about life, and having a peaceful mind is a key ingredient to a healthy life and mind.

“Most people have been given minimum knowledge about how to relate to spirits, their own and those of a higher power. This book will answer many questions people have about coincidences, accidents, and lessons in daily experiences. Wendy also shares prophecies from different Native American people that came to her in dreams.

About the Author

Wendy Hill is a Native American woman from the Cayuga Nation, which is a part of the Six Nations/Iroquois people. Wendy’s spiritual knowledge began as a child through her dreams and spiritual experiences. She was raised through her people’s traditional ceremonies, and she continues to carry on her ancestors’ spirituality.

“At twenty years old, she had a near-death experience and was given insight to her abilities as a healer. Today she works as a spiritual healer in different Native communities. She travels extensively, encouraging community wellness and healing, as well as awareness of the earth’s changes. Wendy does hands-on healing for pain and illness, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.”

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