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White Pond Lily
Biological Name: Nymphaea odorata

Other Names: Wild Pond Lily, white water lily, sweet-scented pond lily, sweet scented water lily, toad lily, pond lily, water lily, cow cabbage, sweet water lily, water cabbage

Parts Used: root

Remedies For:
Deobstruent, astringent, vulnerary, discutient, demulcent, antiseptic.

This is one of the old-fashioned remedies. Used as a douche for leukorrhea, treats diarrhea, bowel complaints, scrofula, inflamed tissues in various parts of the body, and for bronchial troubles. Used for dropsy, kidney troubles, catarrh of the bladder, or irritations of the prostate. Heals inflamed gums. Externally, a poultice made for painful swellings, boils, ulcers, wounds, and cuts. Apply the powdered root, combined with flaxseed, as a poultice. A tea made from the root makes a good gargle for irritation and/or inflammation in the mouth and throat, used as an eyewash, and a vaginal douche. As a lotion, it helps heal sores, makes skin soft and smooth. Both root and leaves are sometimes made into poultices for wounds, cuts, and bruises. Native Americans used root tea for coughs, tuberculosis (TB), inflamed glands, mouth sores, to stop bleeding. A folk tradition, a mixture of root and lemon juice was used to remove freckles and pimples.

Dosage: powder, tea, poultices

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